Visitors from Abroad Part II


My sister Kirsty was also at the Carnival, featured here confusing the guy in the blue shirt.

I have subsequently found out that the first day of the Notting Hill Festival is childen’s day. In hindsight we would have preferred adult day. It’s not to say the kids couldn’t dance, some of them were good! But I think there may have been more atmosphere on day two.


On the other hand, if this was that standard on children’s day, I’m sort of glad we didn’t go to adult’s day!

Once Nick had exhausted all photo opportunities, we decided to move on.


Then on the way home he found more opportunties to pose for the camera 🙂 This is the Thames river, about 5 mins walk from where we live.


On the following day we did the a bus tour around London, which also included free guided walking tour. They are quite enjoyable and I think more than worth the money. The walking tour took us around heaps of interesting places (perhaps not interesting enough to make my journal!).

But the most excellent part was the old drunk man that came out of the pub, interrupting the tour guide and stating in a loud voice “I was the original Guv’nor of London, bet you didn’t know that!”. He then continued his disturbance, until the tour guide skillfully placed him in a arm lock and dragged him away. The druken man than let fly with a left hook connecting with the guide, leaving a noticable red mark. After dealing with this incident, the tour guide, seemingly unfathomed, continued our tour as if nothing had happened. Comedy gold.

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