Christmas 2010

We enjoyed Christmas this year at my parents-in-law who live in Shrewsbury.

Suitable attire for the conditions:

A photo like this makes you realise how silly you may look on a cold morning’s walk to work. Of course this is just an observation but not a problem as you are not recognisable anyway.

Both of us had a new weapon for the snow this year – the YakTrax:

In some ways it was good to have so much snowfall this year to justify the purchase. The verdict so far is they are very good and I haven’t slipped once this winter. And that’s saying something given the gradient of our street and my track record. They are relatively easy to slip on/off, however they are perhaps a slight annoyance as it’s unlikely that your entire journey will have snow underfoot (they shouldn’t really be worn on hard pavements). I think a useful accompaniment would be some grippy shoes which would be good for walking on hardened ice. For these I’m keeping my eyes peeled.

The river Severn had frozen over subduing any desire I had for a Boxing day swim.

Emily was the chef on Christmas day and I her dutiful aid. Between us we managed a tasty roast Chicken for Christmas lunch.

In the lazy days that have followed we’ve generally relaxed through quieter activities of reading, TV, movies. We’ve also trawled charity stores looking for clothing/costume for an upcoming murder mystery party on New Years eve. For a town of its size Shrewsbury has a remarkable number of charity stores. We visited about 15 in the high street district alone. Hence it hasn’t been a particularly difficult assignment to find dress for the 1940s themed event, which in all likelihood will be the topic of my next post.

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