Caribbean Trip Days 9 to 19

Day 9. 24th March – The first game.

On a scorching hot day we arrived at the ground to watch our first match – Australia vs South Africa. The game was at Warner Park, one of the new stadiums built in time for the cricket world cup. I was surprised to see so many empty seats in this small stadium. As the tournament progressed though I was less and less surprised.

Warner Park

Australia scored a massive total 377 and won the game comfortably.

Day 10. 25 March – 73 nm sailing.

Our original plan was to sail directly to Antigua for the next round of Australian games. Our trip to Montserrat was an unexpected diversion. The diversion was caused mainly by poor sailing conditions. We also lost a few hours when one of the ropes became entangled in the boat propeller. Fortunately there was no damage and after removing the rope we could continue our journey.

The island has an active volcano. Since 1995 it’s eruptions have rendered much of Montserrat uninhabitable and about two-thirds of the population has been forced to leave the island. We just stayed on the boat at Rendevous Bay.

Day 11. 26 March – 4 hours sailing.

We departed early and arrived a few hours later in Jolly Harbour in Antigua. I played golf in the afternoon with some of the group.

Day 12. 27th March.

On this day we watched Australia play West Indies at Sir Vivian Richards Cricket Stadium. This fantastic new stadium was financed and built mainly by the Chinese in time for the cricket world cup. With the tournament hosts playing I expected a lot from this game however the crowds didn’t arrive and the game lacked atmosphere. With grandstand tickets costing about $100 USD it’s no surprise many of the local population didn’t attend.

Aust vs West Indies

We watched Australia bat first and rain washed out the West Indies innings.

Day 13. 28th March.

In the morning we returned to the cricket stadium to watch the completion of the game started on the previous day. The afternoon was left free for a quick sail around parts of Antigua.

Day 14. 29th March.

When I was invited on the Caribbean trip last year I knew we may be doing some diving so I trained to obtain a diving license. Today we traveled out to Cades Reef for my first dive since completing the diving course. The conditions were easy but unfortunately there wasn’t much marine life. But I did see a barracuda. The warm waters and good visibility made it an enjoyable experience.

Day 15. 30th March.

This was my first day off from any planned activities or sailing. I took the opportunity to wander down to a beach near Jolly Harbour.

At Beach

Day 16. 31st March.

Another cricket game – Australia vs Bangladesh. Another easy victory to Australia *yawn*

Day 17. 1st April.

Just a relaxing day with no firm plans. We took a short sail to a nearby beach for some swimming and relaxing.

Day 18. 2nd April – 87nm sailing.

After an early 4:30am departure we sailed 10 hours to Shells beach in St Barts (Saint-Barthélemy). St Barts is an overseas collectivity of France. This island was one of my favourite spots in the Caribbean. It has beautiful beaches and a friendly small town atmosphere. It’s small and easy to get around. It seems like hotel accommodation would be expensive and we were lucky to spend our two nights on the boat.

Day 19. 3rd April.

In the morning I walked up a small hill looking down onto Shells Beach.

Shells Beach in St Barts

In the afternoon we visited the other side of the island. The runway of St Barts airport is an oddity. Incoming planes dive sharply when landing.

St Barts Airport

The end of the runway connects directly with the beach and often planes take off directly over beach goers heads.

End of Runway

It was on this lovely beach we saw the Australian cricket captain taking a well earned break in between tournament games.

Beach in St Barts


  1. Aunty Lizzy said,

    August 24, 2007 @ 12:56 pm

    It’s nice to hear another chapter of your Caribbean holiday Matthew. Hope you get the rest up soon. I love the photos. Do you have a link where I can view all of them – Flickr etc?

  2. Matt said,

    August 24, 2007 @ 8:36 pm

    Thanks. I haven’t posted them yet but I should do. I will let you know

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