Back Safely

On Tuesday I arrived back from the Caribbean holiday. It was a fantastic and enjoyable experience. But I’m lucky to be back here now. After some travel dramas the only way out of Antigua to Barbados until the end of the week was on the charter flight carrying the partners and families of the English cricket team. The team administration kindly allowed a few of us in spare seats. More on that story later when I write a few posts about the Caribbean, and possibly something on the ski trip to Andorra.

Whilst I’ve been away, the weather here has become nice. Shirts and shorts at the moment. Day light saving has started and it’s still light at 8:00pm.

On Thursday I started a new contract role in an investment bank in the city. The first two days have been busy. My initial feeling is very positive towards this role. I am back working directly in IT security consultancy, my preferred role. It’s also nice to work in the city for a change – so much easier to meet friends for lunch or after work.

Nice to be home.

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