London Tourist and Crooner

On Saturday afternoon I travelled into London with Emily to visit the South Bank. We started from London Bridge walking towards Tower Bridge. Along the way we passed the HMS Belfast, a British cruiser that operated in World War II. It was retired from service in the 1960s and is now is a museum.

On a nice day the walk along the river front on the South Bank is pleasant with numerous caf├ęs and open spaces to sit and enjoy the sunshine. We visited the British Design Museum. It’s small but nevertheless an interesting place to visit for an hour or so. It covers modern design including fashion, architecture, product (e.g. an electric car) and so forth.

After the design museum we visited one of the most recognisable landmarks on London – the Tower Bridge.

For a small fee you can get the elevator to the top and walk along the walkway.

The same ticket entitles you to visit the engine and pumping rooms below the bridge. These control the part of the bridge that opens to allow passing ship traffic.

The display was interesting and I’m glad we visited, even if it was only to read about the story of the number 78 bus. In 1952 this bus somehow found itself on the bridge when it started to open. The driver reacted by putting his pedal to the metal, and just managed to clear the 3 foot gap with no serious injuries to himself or any passengers.

On Saturday night we changed from tourist to sing stars at a karaoke night in Leicester Square.

On Sunday I was in the city again to meet my long-time friends Wynner and Carly from Hong Kong.


  1. gerrod said,

    February 25, 2009 @ 7:18 am

    Did you take a photo of yourselves in the “stick your head through these holes” thing at the end of the Tower Bridge tour? That was the best part!!

  2. Alison Lacken said,

    March 29, 2009 @ 4:08 am

    What a lovely sunny day yuo had for your trip.

    The machinery is amazing and was obviously built to last. I wonder if someone has to be specially trained to maintain and use it?

    There is a brdge like that in Hobart Tas over the Dewent, and when I was a girl in the fifties I remember the news once which said some cars had fallen into the rivr when the bridge opened.

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