Parent’s Visit

Our mum and dad are currently visiting from Australia for a short trip. Some of the highlights of the trip are contained within.


Kirsty organised a meet the parents dinner for friends in London. This photo was taken at a cafe on the high road in Chiswick. Going clockwise, it’s myself, Sarita, Kirsty, John, Ben, Michelle, Dad, Mum, Suzy and David. The first time I’ve had Chianti wine, it was most excellent.

On Saturday Kirsty, myself, Mum and Dad went to Windsor Castle. I actually enjoyed the castle, the State Rooms were magnificant inside. It was a great day.


London is in the Autumn period where there is a mixture of trees with green and reddish brown trees, creating a beautiful effect.

Matthew Dad and Mum

It’s been a cracker of an Autumn!

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