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The car

I picked up the Civic today. I’m still recovering from the shock of the car insurance premium which was high because it’s been over two years since I last held a car insurance policy. Anyway the car drives great so I’ll just focus on the positives…

Honda Civic

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Fruitless search

I recently started looking for a second hand car to purchase. My dodginess radar has been working overtime during my initial foray into the market!

It seems like more than a coincidence that some low mileage cars have had their vehicle service history books missing, making it difficult to verify the miles.

I also came across the old trick of the dealer having the car stereo playing during the test drive. When I turned it down I noticed a rattling noise originating somewhere from under the car.

A few days ago I was all set to travel to view a car from a private seller, but when I called to confirm the meeting I found out he had initially given me the wrong address and wanted to meet me at a service station instead of his house. Classic behaviour of someone with something to hide!

Well perhaps I’m being over cautious but without a current income I can’t afford a car that’s going to cause me grief. So I’ve been a bit discouraged and spent the last two days playing the very addictive computer game Civilisation IV!

I’m viewing a Honda Civic tomorrow and I have a good feeling about this one!

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