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London Eye

Recently I traveled into the city for some sightseeing.

London Eye
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Today, for the first time in my life, I’m starting a structure eating plan. Exercise alone seems to have made little difference ; since being in UK I’ve been quite active in swimming, riding, touch rugby, walking, throwing cats of my bed in the middle of the night etc etc. It’s time for me to re-discover my abs! For reference, I’m 97.5 inches around waste (too much info ?!!). I am using one of those well-being books with a eating plan, basically it’s protein positive and low kilojoule. If this thing works, I’ll write an update in a few months!

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Parent’s Visit

Our mum and dad are currently visiting from Australia for a short trip. Some of the highlights of the trip are contained within.

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Cricket and League

One thing I have been missing in Australia is watching and listening to the footy and cricket on TV and Radio. A favourite Sunday afternoon pasttime was to listen live to the radio broadcast of the league, whilst doing some work out in the garden. Luckily the local pub has been willing to put on the state of origin and NRL grand finals, so I don’t feel completely out of it.

In about 6 weeks the first cricket Ashes test in due to commence at the Gabba, Brisbane. As we don’t have a TV in our unit (and even if we did, the games are not on free-to-air), it looks like this will be the first season of cricket I have missed in as long as I can remember.

In March/April next year, I have been lucky enough to be invited on a 3 week boat cruise through Caribbean to watch the cricket world cup. The games we have tickets for are excellent, Australia vs South Africa (St Kitts), West Indies vs Australia (Antigua), Australia vs India (Antigua), Australia vs England (Antigua). There will be 10 of us on the boat, two guys I know and the rest are their friends whom I have not yet met. It should be one of the best trips I’ve done. This is the type of boat we are taking

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